NEW: Funding Existing Licenses

You can now extend an active (or reactivate an expired) license with flexible top-up payments, via direct bank transfer (Eurozone) or TransferWise (20 currencies) as well as PayPal. Through such payments you can also convert a rental license to permanent, or upgrade a permanent license to multi-window use. Enter your license key below to see the options available for it.

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Purchasing a New License

Please use the trial period first to confirm linotune's performance on your machine. Once you are satisfied, you can either buy or rent linotune. In both cases your purchase includes:

  • free software upgrades and customer support via email;
  • the ability to run linotune for all users on a single machine;
  • the ability to move the license between machines, up to twice a week
    (requires both old and new machine to be connected to the Internet).

"First step, linotune! I can't imagine trying to tune one of these [handpans] with anything else!!!"

- Mark Garner, Saraz Handpans

Refund policy: I only want happy customers! Should you have any issue with linotune, let me know and I'll do my best to resolve it. Should you wish to return any linotune product for any reason, just tell me so within a month of purchase. After you've deactivated your product you'll of course receive a full refund.

Tell me how to....

buy a linotune license
rent a linotune license
terminate a license rental
upgrade a license to multi-window use

Buy a license

Buying linotune outright has the advantage that, once activated, it won't require any Internet connectivity, except when moving the license to another machine.

 linotune strobe tuner  
single computer license



Multi-Strobe Upgrade

This optional upgrade allows you to run any number of linotune windows simultaneously, limited only by the performance of your machine. The strobes communicate via shared memory, can (but do not have to) share the same audio input and/or output, and can be slaved to run at a given interval from the first ("master") strobe. Each strobe remembers its position and configuration - so you can for instance arrange a dozen strobes as a chromatic "strobe center."

This upgrade requires that you posess:

  • a valid linotune license - please enter license key below before clicking the "Buy Now" button;
  • a recent Mac, or capable Windows machine - please use the free trial to verify multi-strobe performance on the target machine before purchase. A fast machine can handle a dozen strobes at a good frame rate.

linotune multi-strobe upgrade
  requires prior purchase of linotune  


enter your license key:


Rent a License

You can also rent linotune for a monthly payment. This allows you to use linotune right away with little upfront cost, and to cancel the rental any time. The disadvantages of renting linotune are:

  • higher total cost over the long run;
  • requires that you have (or open) a Paypal account;
  • linotune needs to connect to the Internet at least
    once a month to verify your ongoing rental payments.

 linotune strobe tuner  
single computer license

month-to-month rental
 (continues until canceled) 

20.- Euro
per month


Stop Payments on a Rental


This button will take you to the recurrent payments page in your Paypal account, where you can cancel your linotune subscription. Stopping payments will not affect the time you have remaining on your linotune license.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've completed the purchase, where's my license key/upgrade? If you don't receive an email with your license key or upgrade within minutes of completing your purchase, it is most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • the email got filtered as spam by your provider - please check your spam email folder for it;
  • you've given an incorrect email address during the purchase - please contact me with your correct address;
  • you've chosen to pay via an e-check from your bank account. You'll receive your license key or upgrade as soon as the payment clears. Paypal e-checks can take up to a week to clear; you can avoid such delays in the future by using a credit or debit card to pay, or to back up your paypal account with.

What if my installation of linotune is damaged or deleted? Your license key remains valid regardless of events such as OS upgrades. If you lose your installation, simply download & install linotune again, then re-activate it with the original key. Make sure you keep a copy of your license key in a safe place away from your computer!

Can I run linotune without Internet access? Certainly! Interaction with our server is required only for activation and deactivation (in order to move your license to another machine), and about once a month if you've rented linotune.

Can I rent the multi-strobe upgrade? Sorry, this upgrade can only be purchased outright, and for licenses that are permanent.

What if the linotune server dies? While it is not possible to buy or activate linotune when our server is down, an already activated copy of linotune will continue to run happily. Our server is housed in a highly reliable and secure professional data center; its downtime is measured in minutes per month.