Old Versions Discontinued

As of 1 Apr 2016, linotune's license server is no longer permitting versions of linotune prior to 1.11 to run. If you're getting inexplicable "subscription expired" error messages, this is the likely reason. Simply upgrade to the latest version, and linotune will work again. This somewhat drastic step became necessary because of security flaws and zero-day exploits that became apparent in older versions of linotune, that could otherwise put your computer at risk.

Posted by lino on 15 Apr 2016

Linotune goes mobile

Update 17 Dec 2013: linotune for iOS™ is now available in the App Store!

Mobile devices clearly are the future of tuning. Fewer and fewer professionals are willing to lug a heavy electromechanical strobe around, and even laptops feel cumbersome compared to smartphones and tablets.

With that in mind, I spent most of October exploring various avenues for porting linotune to Android and iOS. While the Android port got bogged down for now by shortcomings of the available toolchains, the iOS port worked right away but frustrated me with terrible performance, updating at only about 2 frames per second.

Eventually though I managed to trace this to a version incompatibility in the toolchain - and fixing that proved to be the crucial breakthrough. To cut a long story short, here is the ultimate result:

Note that even though this is a first generation iPad, the frame rate is quite good, leading me to expect excellent performance on newer iOS devices. Though the user interface hasn't specifically been adapted for touchscreens, it works quite well on the tablet size. iPhones are best turned horizontal to operate the controls.

So where & when will it come out? Hopefully it will be in the App store by the end of the year! The release depends on successful conclusion of a licensing agreement and App Store approval. The download in the App Store will cost a few dollars (even for trials) to help cover the licensing costs and Apple's lion's share.

Will I be able to move my license between Windows/Mac and iPad/iPhone? Yes! The iOS port will use the same cross-platform licenses as on the other platforms, so you'll be able to move your license (up to once a week) between all of them.

Posted by lino on 1 Nov 2013